Faucetorʼs Fountain v2

Just enter your address below, select your currency, hit submit, and then leave the page to let the satoshi fountain rain on you!

Thereʼs no hassle; this is one of the easiest faucets around!

This faucet requires your address to be linked to a FaucetHUB account

Remember you can leave this faucet on all day and night while you do other things! Just check back every 24hrs to log back in!

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In full disclosure this site does do minimal mining in the background- not trying to be evil or get rich, just trying to keep the faucet going. One type of mining, JSEcoin mining doesn't use tons of processing power, in fact you can get an account for yourself to see what we mean! Pro-tip - When you're using it for yourself, it seems to give you more hashes if you use it in Chrome.